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An overview of protecti
An overview of protecti
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·An overview of protecti
·An overview of protecti
·A Chinese Sucker with a
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Andrias davidianus Natural Resource and Its Protection 
-Status in Zhangjiajie City
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Zhangjiajie of Hunan Province is one of Anrias davidianus original living places. In November 1996 it was approved to be the National Natural Reserve of Andrias davidianus.In resent years we have been developing actively investigation to the natural resources round the subject of Andrias davidianus protection and reproduction and have made the status of Andrias davidianus resources to be clear.
  1.The status of Andrias davidianus natural resources in Zhangjiajie City
    1.1.The general natural situation of Zhangjiajie City
  Zhangjiajie City is located in the hinterland of Wuling Mountain in the north-west of Hunan Province .Its area is 9563km2. Its geographic coordinate is east longitude 109o40′~111o20′ and north latitude 28o52′~29o48′. It is the area of middle latitude in East Asia with warm, wet monsoon climate. Its average temperature for years is 16oC and precipitation is 1200mm~1400mm per year. In its boundary there are many rivers and streems. They belong to the Li River systems. Li River has 290 tributaries at the 1-st to the 4-th levels, their total length 4888km. Yuan River has 73 tributaries at the 1-st to the 4-th levels. The area of rivers system is 10000 hectare.
  The typical landform of this area is Karst , which is full of limestones. There are lots of valleys, limestone –caves, gullies, deep pools, underground rivers and springs in this area and lots of rivers with clear water running over rocks and pebbles. There are sufficient aquatic animals and plants in the water and lush regetation on both river sides, which makes a advantageous ecologic environment for breeding and reproduction of the Andrias davidianus .
    1.2.The distribution and storage of Andrias davidianus resources
Under the jurisdiction of Zhangjiajie, there are Yongding district ,Wuling district, Cili County, Sangzhi County and other 102 towns, which has a wide-ranging distribution and rich storage of Andrias davidianus resoures. It is named of “the home of Andrias davidianus”. Generally, the grown-up is over 25cm long and 2~10kg weight. There is a large one of 1.8m in long, 59kg weight in the Furong Bridge Andrias davidianus Cultivative Farm.
      1.2.1.The distribution condition
  The Wild Andrias davidianus natural resource is distributed in the whole area of Zhangjiajie .On level distribution, there are Andrias davidianus in almost all rivers in 70 towns of altogether 102 towns in the city. However the dense distribution is in the 26 towns which located in the southern, middle, northern source of Li River and in the valleys of You River, Lou River and Suo River. There are high mountains and abundant forests in those areas with various landforms and sufficient limestone caves, underground rives and springs. The most dense distribution is in the following 8 areas: Badagone Mountain, Wudao River, Shangdong Street, Furong Birdge, Siduping, Suo River, Jiangya and Changtangping. On vertical distribution, the Andrias davidianus usually lives in the areas of 250~650m above sea level, the largest number is in the rivers of 300~600m above sea level.
      1.2.2.The change of Andrias davidianus resources amount
  According to the data of foreign trade , in 1950’ there was 50000kg Andrias davidianus sold per year for exporting in the 3 counties of Sangzhi, Dayong and Cili. However, with long-term buying and selling without any control and abundant usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the reproductive ability and the storage of Andrias davidianus resource has been on a decrease. Before the stopping of the selling for exponting, the number had decented to 10000kg in these three counties.And these were almost none in the rivers of densly populated areas. After 1988, since the Wild Animal Protection Law had been put into effect, people have to take costs of the illegel selling of Andrias davidianus. This made an incredible increase in the selling price. And the Andrias davidianus resource was on a serious decrease.
  The increasing illegal price and lack of controlling made more of the illegal catching and selling. The resource has vanished in some areas in Zhangjiajie. The continues belt distribution of Andrias davidianus turned to the broken dot distribution. The Andrias davidianus had gone back to the limestone caves under the ground.
  According to the investigation in 2004, in the 33 densly distributed areas in Zhangjiajie which covers 312km there was 8 Andrias davidianus per 8km. The total number is 2500 in Zhangjiajie City.
  2.The protection and atrifical reproduction situation of Andrias davidianus in Zhangjiajie
  Lots of work has been done for the protection and artificial reproduction of the Andrias davidianus in Zhangjiajie and its in front of the whole country. An artificial reproduction farm was built in 1960’ in Wudausui Town of Sangzhi County.
  The first Andrias davidianus institution in the whole country was established in Shuangquan Reservoiro of Sangzhi County which responds for the basic research and the experiments of breeding systematicly. In 1978~1980 , this institution along with Hunan Aquatic Science Institution had accomplished the task of “The Research of Arfificial Reproduction of Andrias davidianus” assigned by Hunan Science Committee. The artificial oxytocic and hatching experiments got a success, which is the first time of the aritificial reproduction of Andrias davidianus in the world. After the issue of the PRC Wild Animal Protection Law of 1988 and the PRC Aquatic Wild Animal Protection Regulation of 1993,the protective work has been on lawful way .The Government of Zhangjiajie City has given the illegal activities a bad blow and has made a good effect on the protection.

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